AAUW, with its nationwide network of approximately 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and 800 college and university partners, has been a leading advocate for equity and education for women and girls since 1881.

AAUW Mississippi has several active branches throughout the state, including Blue Mountain, Columbus, Cleveland, Jackson, Oxford, Starkville and Tupelo.

State Leadership:

Kay Brocato, Ph.D. Starkville President kbrocato@as.msstate.edu
Laura Antonow Oxord Program VP antonow@olemiss.edu
Norma Miller Columbus Membership VP nrmiller@muw.edu
Demetria White Jackson Treasurer/Finance Officer VP decled@aol.com
Jessica Hill Starkville Secretary jah2582@gmail.com
Bet Wooten Cleveland Bylaws betwooten@aol.com
Corinne Anderson, Ed.D. Jackson Co-Chair, Public Policy hccaand@aol.com
Mary Crump Jackson Co-Chair, Public Policy marye717@aol.com
Yulanda Haddix Starkville Diversity Officer
Jessica Hill Starkville Webmaster jah2582@gmail.com
Corrine Anderson, Ed.D. Jackson Past President, Presidential Advisor hccaand@aol.com
Bess Blackwell Jackson Past President, Presidential Advisor, Communications bcbmb@bellsouth.net
Judy McNeece Tupelo Past President, Presidential Advisor,Communications jmmcneece@gmail.com
AAUW – Washington connect@aauw.org

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